Wedding Registration Ceremony Photos

The most memorable day - 10th Feb. 2006  

Our registration ceremony was held at Klang Hokkien Association (巴生福建会馆) on 10th February 2006 morning (hehehe.... I can't remember the actual time). My wife's (Shien) family members and her aunties came to support and bless us. For my side, my parents couldn't make it, thus, only my sister, brother and his family, and my aunt came. The photos were took by my wife's friend, Alex who is part-time photographer.

The One Family

With Andy's Family Members


With Shien's Family Members

With Shien's Aunties & Uncle


 Registration Session Started

mmm... So HAPPY






 & No Regrets

Hehehe... Lucky can feed into her finger


You are the BEST


Come .. Time to "Low Sang" and Celebrate