Pre-Wedding Photos Part II

These are the few pre-wedding photos that took in studio (Vogue Collection Wedding Gallery) and outdoor (FRIM). The whole session was very fun although it was so tiring especially when taking photos at outdoor.

Our Ring

Make sure make me look gorgeous...

How's my New Hair Style?

Wow... Who is that?

Hold tight & I won't let & forever

Do you marry me...

Nice pose 1

Nice pose 2

Perfect Couple

Wow... James Bond

Cool & Nice Pose

Your smile cheer up my LIFE

Don't know what say... is too PERFECT

Perfect Smile with Nice Teeth... hehehe

Dear, you are so Lovely and gorgeous.

Aiks... what happen to your neck? So, funny...

Titanic POSE... hehehehe

Where are the eyes...

Mmmm... Any interesting scene at that angle?

You want the flowers...

My shoulder nice to lean, right?

Nice to sleep at your side

Faster shoot the photo... is too tired on this pose

Why look at me like that... I feel so shy

Yes... She accpets my proposal

1 2 3 & Jump

Faster... Take it

Go away... Don't disturb